Service quality

Woman and headsetLBBD and Elevate helped Agilisys to create a digital platform called ‘My Account’ to transform the experience of the Council’s customers by allowing them to access key local authority services online. This digital solution enables customers to use council services much more quickly and efficiently, even out of hours. ‘My Account’ has significantly improved back office functions so that processes and systems are more streamlined.

  • Immediate and secure access

‘My Account’ allows secure service registration at the point of request so that users can begin using the system straight away. Alternative systems use solutions that require the customer to wait for a PIN to arrive in the post. We authenticate live via back office systems using APIs to authenticate customers’ details and allow users immediate access. The use of APIs itself is not innovative but the way we use them to authenticate in real time is truly innovative.

We understand from Socitm* (the professional association for public sector ICT management) that we were the originator of this service authentication process (and the only provider of these solutions for a meaningful period of time), being the first means of secure authentication without the need for a PIN in the post.

*In the ‘Better Connected’ report (2010) this was referred to by Socitm as an approach to follow / best practice.

  • Speedier service for paying benefits

Through the use of ‘My Account’ Elevate has redesigned the way that benefits are paid. Customers can complete digital applications and the assessment is completed on the spot. Through the use of risk based verification, using existing data to verify identity and residency, paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Previously, it would take on average 50 days for someone making a claim to know that it had been successful, and that the money was in transit – now it is less than 10 days. This makes it possible for us to support residents with managing their debts and helps to ensure the payment of rent and council tax.

  • Back office functions improved

The previous system for council tax payments was manual, lengthy, involved many interactions and therefore involved a higher chance of things going wrong. ‘My Account’ resolves this as it creates an end to end seamless digital process. The customer is in control of the data which feeds straight through to the back office systems.

Criminal Records Bureau checks are up to date, ICT resiliency is vastly improved with greater flexibility for mobile and flexible working, many more small businesses are on the Council’s supply chain, payments are made more quickly to suppliers, and debt is more efficiently and effectively collected.