Interaction with customers

Interaction with CustomersAs well as offering services online through ‘My Account’ Elevate has significantly improved the Council’s previous interactions with its customers and stakeholders.

To help customers understand the complex changes to council tax payments we created ‘Talking Letters’. These were letters sent to residents informing them about the changes and including a QR code which linked to a video on YouTube. The video gave clear and simple advice on the changes and how customers can pay in different ways. This approach enabled us to speak directly to customers with clear messaging that helped us to reassure them. For non internet users we played the video regularly in the One Stop Shops. Using a visual form of communication helped us to reach those with reading and some language difficulties and made it easier to explain the complex changes.

Agilisys Engage is a tool that Elevate uses alongside ‘My Account’. It enables the Council to understand individual (anonymous) web journeys, whether or not users are logged into ‘My Account’. Signposting and electronic road blocks are deployed to predict and assist user behaviour and help support channel shift by guiding people around the website to resolve their issues online. For example, using road blocks and sign posting enabled us to take all rent contacts from only 7% to 61% online within two months. This information informs us about our customers and enables us to help guide them around the Council website to make full use of online services.