Customer experience

Barking Town Market

We’ve recently introduced ipads to our service in the One Stop Shops and these are enabling us to work much more flexibly with clients.  We used an ipad to sit with one customer recently and we were able to introduce him to ‘MyAccount’ and register him for paying Council Tax.  He had no idea that this service existed and he was very impressed that he could pay by direct debit, view his current balance and apply for parking permits online.  This was the reason he came to the One Stop Shop – to apply for a parking permit.  He was very relieved that he won’t need to visit and queue again and added the LBBD website to his iphone for using in future.

One customer in the Dagenham One Stop Shop stated that he liked the idea that he could come to just one place to have several different enquiries dealt with in one visit.  His previous council had many different offices for various services.

 Our mobility team are based within the One Stop Shops and this makes it easier to resolve any issues with customers face to face.  This rules out the need for an officer to take the details and pass this onto the back office and reduces administration.


Mrs  Green, an elderly client was locked inside her home, with the chain and bolts on. Unfortunately she fell out of bed, and her daughter, Ms Terry and other family members could not get to her.  They were really concerned and called Careline to request a forced entry into Mrs Green’s home so that help could reach her.

The Careline agent who took the call was Dionne Wilson. She explained to Ms Terry that it would take up to 20 minutes for an operative to arrive.  During the time spent waiting Dionne reassured and calmed a very anxious Ms Terry and kept giving her information. The operative arrived much quicker than Ms Terry expected and the door was opened very promptly and efficiently.

The carpenter’s fast response and Dionne’s warm and caring professionalism set both mother and daughters’ minds at ease.  Ms Terry later called back to thank Dionne and the operative.


“Thank you for sending out the blue badge so quickly. It is reassuring in my world of false promises and admin nightmares, that I have experienced since my husband’s illness, that there are people who do exactly what it says on the packet! Well done to you and your team.”