The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) has high levels of deprivation; 14 of the borough’s 17 wards rate among the poorest in the country.  Consequently, the Council faces high demand for services such as benefits, housing and social care, in a tough economic climate with reduced funding.  Elevate was created with the aim of reducing costs, increasing income and significantly improving service delivery to the Council’s customers.

Elevate has significantly contributed to the Council’s vision and priorities by:

  • Extensively reducing costs in line with the Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy
  • Improving customer service
  • Changing organisational culture
  • Delivering the national digital inclusion strategy by increasing local residents’ usage and interest in digital technology
  • Supporting the Council in growing jobs and businesses through its work at the Barking Enterprise Centre.

Various statistics such as those on cost reduction and customer satisfaction rates demonstrate that the partnership is working.  The latest customer survey revealed a 96% customer satisfaction rate within the contact centre and One Stop Shops. Our partnership was also recognised at the IRRV Awards in 2012 when Elevate won the Silver award for Partnership Working.