Our Values and Aims

Our Values and Aims - Excellence

Our Aims

Committing to people and place
A deep commitment to Barking & Dagenham's citizens and staff, investing in the community's economic capacity

Delivering reliable and efficient services
Achieving efficiency and quality, through focus on quality and the 'metrics that matter'

Providing energy and a capacity for change
Delivering exceptional outcomes through proven and agile service delivery

Delivering improved customer satisfaction
Meeting and exceeding customers' expectations

Making informed decisions
Empowering professionals and customers through effective use of business intelligence.

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Our Values

At Elevate we deliver success through working in partnership to innovate and deliver quality customer focused services:

Customer Focus
We provide superior customer service to both internal and external customers

We work as one to achieve excellence

We deliver innovative solutions to meet and exceed our client's needs.

We operate with personal and professional integrity in all situations, by being open and honest and leading by example.